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Dance of the Feather



A dog barks in the night.

“What’s up dawg?”

“Not much, same old trix.”

“Wanna go to this conference-festival thingy?”

“Yeah, lets go.”


It’s all very EST-BurningMan-ChildhoodSleepOverCamp, in the woods with lots of little cabins and small funky buildings.

My bunk house is a convoluted set up of small rooms at odd angles, and I am in the loft.  I can touch the ceiling from my sleeping pad.

Someone has scratched some words into the worn white wood planks with a nail, I traced them with my finger.

“A feather is not a Bird – The Rain is not the Sea – A stone is not a Mountain – But a River runs through Me”







We are sitting in a circle on the ground, kumbaya, campfire style. Waiting for the guru-teacher-speaker-zen master-camp director-truth teller to begin the presentation.  A person, but not a person, a spirit but not a spirit.  A feather but not a bird…

I was feeling a little anxious and I was looking for some answers.

But what exactly, is the question? Is that a knot in my stomach or an ache in my heart?



The firelight begins to flicker and fade and brighten.  The glow dissolves into candlelight.

The circle is now an elegant table setting… the scene is b&w but slightly colorized by the lighting and glint of tiaras and pearls we are all now wearing.


The guru, teacher, host is going around tapping people on the shoulder and guiding them to the dance floor.

“Hello, may I have this dance?”

Floating, swirling, twirling, I glide into wakefulness of another day.

I open my eyes to sunlight softly filtering through the window.



I am sure to find a feather today!

Dreamer’s Notes:

Girl with Feather photo from via Pinterest

Campfire from Pinterest

Grace Kelly found on Pinterest – Did I really just dream I look like Grace Kelly?!

Table setting found on the brides guide at Martha Steward Weddings

Sunlight in Window – photo by Polly Wreford from Dust Jacket on bloglovin

Feather Lyric by Rosanne Cash from The River and the Thread

Humans Quote by Beau Taplin, water born via Tumblr


My Magic Moment




First… the frustrating dream.  My pin number would not work on the ATM.  I kept trying, a line was forming behind me.  A Siri like voice echoed out of nowhere, everywhere,  “Step to the back of the line, your card will be confiscated. Your pin is invalid.  That is all.”

In desperation (I don’t know why I needed the cash so urgently, did I need to get out of Dodge, fast?), I started telling my tale of woe to the people in line.  There was a guy in a light blue tee-shirt, a little bit of a scruffy beard & some acne scars.  He was muttering about a friend.  Turns out the friend was someone we knew in common. I was able to assure him that everything would be ok between them because I knew my friend’s heart.  And so, a connection and trust was created and he agreed to take out some cash for me to borrow.



… and then, I had my magic moment.  

Everybody has magic moments.  

Mine was in Montana.  

A very Jessica Lange on horseback kind of moment.  

The wide blue sky, rushing rivers, wildflowers, fresh air kind of moment.  

The awesome galloping in freedom moment.




NOTE:  classic best things in life are free, dark into light, redemption dream. Truth * Love * Freedom

Photos: Darkness photo from Pinterest

Freedom photo found on Flikr via Pinterest by Mikhail Kondrashov

Horse Yin Yang from