you may say I'm a dreamer….


Open At Night


It’s a sign!

Last night I dreamed that I was painting very large billboards.

Am I the message or the messenger?

Mostly, my billboards contained inspirational sayings, ala

“Just Do It”,

“Arise Shine & Sparkle”,

“Do Something Epic”

I have to say, despite my fear of heights, I was having a bit of fun creating these over scale words of wisdom.



A very uplifting dream ~ “I’m Lovin’ It”



Dreamer’s Note:

All photos found via Pinterest, Wix, or Quora


Darkness Falls on Friday

It’s Friday.  A day generally reserved for posting light-hearted, fun, funny, escape from reality posts all over WordPress and the Internet.  Friday Light!

Instead, I am posting Friday Dark.  A dream, I tried to push out of my head the minute I had it.  I got up to use the toilet and have a glass of water, trying to re-arrange my mind waves, so I would not close my eyes to re-dream or continue the awful dream in my head.  Do you do this?  Will yourself to have a nicer dream? Repeat in my thoughts, words like wildflowers, angels, sea-breeze, fluffy clouds.. summoning all my calming visuals.

But no, it persists. Darkest dream I’ve had in a long time.  I find it offensive that it had to enter my brain at all.  Too many hours of watching TV before sleep.  I had watched a Frontline piece I think, on girls being sold into sex slavery.  They were lured, enticed with money, food, jobs.  They are lied to and then taken from their own county to Turkey and sold into slavery. It was a powerful piece, I wish I could remember more details about the piece so I could reference it.

And then a week later, not expecting a dark dream, it comes back to haunt me.  Noir, stark like a play.  An iron bed center of room on marred wooden floor boards, a very dim light, smoke hanging in the air from a cigarette one of the men is smoking.   A girl ( a version of myself) lying curled fetal in the bed, having been raped, brutalized, now shivering and hurt. A cold-hearted act, searing with hot raw pain. Un-bearable.

Shivering and cold, afraid and alone, there is no escape.

The men are talking and smoking, I hear a laugh.

And then just one tiny ounce of hope, like the sliver of light through the curtain…

Someone gently lays a blanket over me.

Darkness, sadness, hurt and pain at the surface of my skin.  Now, days gone by, I don’t like to think of this dream, or worse, the REALITY of girls and young women, suffering, everywhere, around the world.

Pray for better dreams, pray for a better reality for these girls, make a difference, donate generously to a charity, to help girls and women escape the darkness and make a life for themselves. Find the brightness in Friday, the hope in the every-day.


Dreamer’s Note:

Sorry I do not know the photographer(s) of these amazing photos.  Found on Pinterest.

One of them identified the source as iconology, but I could not find the image there.

Donate:    Polaris Project, Project to End Human Trafficking, and many other sites found on-line.

Castles in the Sand


I’ve always wanted to host a family reunion in Hawaii.  NOT going to happen, so that is why I dreamed about it instead.

We were all there, feeling the island breezes, sand between the toes, kids running around and splashing in the waves,

making castles in the sand, everyone….. just  r e l a x i n g


Wait…. who is that kid with the poodle hair?  All wet and curly, shaking off the sea, like a dog.  

Oh, that must not actually have been his hair…

And then there was the food!


 I was roasting a turkey with pineapple and ginger, it smelled intoxicating.  

Did you know the pineapple is the international symbol for hospitality?  

I have stayed in a Hawaiian hotel with pineapples carved into the bedposts, so Victorian, but cool.

A pineapple in a dream may represent success… or in my case, just a craving!

I wasn’t aware of this sauce by Stonewall Kitchen before, I must try this.

Well, weirdly enough, the dream ended before I had any real connection or conversation with my siblings,

which I am sure, was the intent and message of the dream to begin with.  

I must make some phone calls.  And book a flight!


“…dreamt a perfect dream and it all fell down
oh, just tell me we’re happy,
just building castles in the sand, just building castles in the sand…”

 ~ the Philosopher Kings, Castle in the Sand




Dreamer’s Notes:

Gorgeous Photo, playing in waves by LOLAMEDIA on … these girls remind me of my childhood, so freeeeeeee!

Sandy Feet Photo from Redbook magazine … not a care in the world!

Relax Photo found on  

Poodle Hat by BriAbbyHMA on ETSY….   just adorable!

Food Photos found on Pinterest.  Roast Turkey via Southern Living…  

*  I found lots of recipes for turkey burgers with sliced pineapple, but not for whole roasted turkey, so if you know of one, please forward.

Hawaii Family Reunion photo by: Flytographer via Pinterest ….. must make this dream a reality!

Dance of the Feather



A dog barks in the night.

“What’s up dawg?”

“Not much, same old trix.”

“Wanna go to this conference-festival thingy?”

“Yeah, lets go.”


It’s all very EST-BurningMan-ChildhoodSleepOverCamp, in the woods with lots of little cabins and small funky buildings.

My bunk house is a convoluted set up of small rooms at odd angles, and I am in the loft.  I can touch the ceiling from my sleeping pad.

Someone has scratched some words into the worn white wood planks with a nail, I traced them with my finger.

“A feather is not a Bird – The Rain is not the Sea – A stone is not a Mountain – But a River runs through Me”







We are sitting in a circle on the ground, kumbaya, campfire style. Waiting for the guru-teacher-speaker-zen master-camp director-truth teller to begin the presentation.  A person, but not a person, a spirit but not a spirit.  A feather but not a bird…

I was feeling a little anxious and I was looking for some answers.

But what exactly, is the question? Is that a knot in my stomach or an ache in my heart?



The firelight begins to flicker and fade and brighten.  The glow dissolves into candlelight.

The circle is now an elegant table setting… the scene is b&w but slightly colorized by the lighting and glint of tiaras and pearls we are all now wearing.


The guru, teacher, host is going around tapping people on the shoulder and guiding them to the dance floor.

“Hello, may I have this dance?”

Floating, swirling, twirling, I glide into wakefulness of another day.

I open my eyes to sunlight softly filtering through the window.



I am sure to find a feather today!

Dreamer’s Notes:

Girl with Feather photo from via Pinterest

Campfire from Pinterest

Grace Kelly found on Pinterest – Did I really just dream I look like Grace Kelly?!

Table setting found on the brides guide at Martha Steward Weddings

Sunlight in Window – photo by Polly Wreford from Dust Jacket on bloglovin

Feather Lyric by Rosanne Cash from The River and the Thread

Humans Quote by Beau Taplin, water born via Tumblr

Why the Butterfly Orbits the Moon


Oh, the moon!

No dreams, on a night kept awake by the brightest of light through my window.

No dreams on the night, I am outside with binoculars staring at the moon.

Finally, eclipsed in darkness.  I turned my head away from the night sky and closed my eyes.

Before I had a chance to dream of daffodils and butterflies floating happily….

The bell sounds…


“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; 

How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”

                                                                    ~ Rumi


“A light came and kindled a flame in the depth of my soul.

A Light so radiant that the Sun orbits around it like a butterfly.”

                                                                                              ~ Rumi


Photo ~ by Brett Bonine for Mother Nature Network

Artwork ~ ‘Butterfly Nebula’, oil on canvas, by Nazim, found on Celestial Musings

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


Do you believe dreams are osmotic?

Can your own dream diffuse and flow into the dream of the person sleeping beside you?

In a way, I do believe this happens, or at least it makes for some interesting coincidences.

Oh yeah, remember when Mick Jagger was supposed to be in my dream but ended up in my Mr’s?

See, Get Off My Cloud dream.


This dream was really more of a vision.  A Margritte like door hanging in the sky.  Puffy clouds all around with white gauze curtains gently floating.  The door, a portal to heaven or to bliss. Beckoning. It was so inviting and lovely, like a painting with etherial light and just the softest breeze against my skin, the caress of silk scarves.


My Mr. does not recall his dreams that often, but coincidently, as he did with the Mick Jagger dream,

he remembered this one and told me about it in the morning.

Three of his beloved family members that have all passed on from this world appeared to him.

First his mother, from the top of the stairs, in a long white robe, “Good night son, see you in the morning.”

And then his father and his uncle.  The three of them at a science fair, museum or planetarium.

Just marveling at the cosmos and all of what is.


knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door

Dreamer’s note:

All photos via Pinterest.

Rene’ Margritte,  Hermes-Paris, Billions of Stars – National Geographic

Bette Davis Eyes



Not remembering all the details of this madcap Missoniesque romp * loud, colorful, chaotic, textural

Things I do remember…

  • Beautiful Missoniesque like knitwear.
  • I was either the designer, agent of the designer, stylist, or some other fashion industry persona, like Rachel Zoe.
  •  My friend was modeling the clothes. Über-model tall, gorgeous, all angles and grace.
  • A loud boisterous top hat wearing, cigar smoking man, reminded me of WC Fields. He was running around telling lewd jokes, lifting up models skirts, annoying the crap out of everyone. This part was in B&W while the rest was in vivid chroma-color.
  • Dressing rooms with piles and piles of clothes, a chaotic backstage to a fashion show.
  • Banging drums and the soundtrack of Adele’s, Rolling in the Deep.
  • A mascot dachshund giving the all-knowing look from the sidelines. At one moment a dog, the next, a woman in a pill box hat.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.42.59 PM

And she’ll tease you

She’ll unease you

All the better just to please you

She’s precocious and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush

She’s got Greta Garbo stand-off sighs

She’s got Bette Davis eyes ~ Kim Carnes


      ~    all photos via Pinterest  ~