you may say I'm a dreamer….

dream on….

Do you dream in techni-color super bold chromeo?   Don’t we all?  Well, occasionally there is that classic B&W vintage playback in the brain.  I am and always have been fascinated with dreams; the symbolism, imagery and imagination of it all.  In a way it’s just a mish mash of the day but also holds all the possibilities of another universe. The universe of the sub-consious, deep dark heavy REMs.

Someday I would like to make little cinimatic dream vignettes to blog.  Perhaps, till then I will doodle or collage my dream world.  Full time work does not lend itself well to all this introspective musing, but still, I feel compelled to dream a little dream and archive some of these moonlight imaginations.

So on with the somewhat self centered archiving of my dream world…..


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