you may say I'm a dreamer….


Truth Is, I Am Ironman


Well, not really….

However, I did unwittingly complete an Ironman triathlon without breaking a sweat….

In my dream that is…

RUNNING – Up a long dirt hill. I was being chased by Nazis and I was headed toward the trees. I was running out of breath, but kept on going.

SWIMMING – The dirt road ended at a cliff edge and I jumped into the water below, swimming, swimming, swimming through cold water to get to the other side.  I think I have lost them, but cannot be too sure, so I keep up the pace.

BICYCLING – I scramble through the brush on the bank and get to a dirt road.  I see a bicycle with a yellow basket leaning against an old wood barn.  I jump on the bike and pedal on ~  and on ~ and on ~ and on ~ and on ~ and on.

I pass a gentleman on a bicycle coming from the opposite direction.  He is tall and thin and carrying a chandelier.



The Icicle Thief, 1989 spoof           on the            1949 Italian film The Bicycle Thief

The “Truth Is” photo is borrowed from the 2008 American film Ironman poster.

So many funny lines in that movie… here is one that stands out to me, as it came to me in sleep or trying to sleep mode.

“I’m Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, got a girl, occasionally save the world. So why can’t I sleep?”


If you are curious about triathlon distances…


I’m tired, it’s time to wake up.


Once, Twice, Three Times a Zombie


It started with one simple word…

Once, say it slowly, letting it linger in all the places, pushing the air all around.

Once, the movie.

Once Upon a Time.

Once it starts, it will never end.



Then I saw all those mushrooms sprouting up under the apple tree.

And that’s when it began.    Running, hiding and knowing that it will never end.    The zombies are coming!

Dreamer’s Note:   Why would a dream begin with just a word, popping up between the pillows?  I’ve heard the soundtrack but have never seen the film, Once.  Now it’s on my list.  Dreaming of mushrooms may mean unhealthy choices in waking life… and most likely  the food I indulged in at the party earlier in the evening, was just that.  Well, zombies in dreams, that’s just inevitable, right?

Once Upon A Time necklace from ThePendantGallery on Etsy

Mushroom Photo from Krystyna on Flickr… Polyporus Squamosus

Zombies… photo to come!

Does Your OS Skateboard?


Have you seen the movie HER?  It’s one of those, that lingers, comes up in conversation and last nite, in my dream.  Sort of.


That is, I met my OS in my dream, though, not the OS of my dreams.  I most unfortunately do not possess the beauty of Scarlett Johansson and my OS did not remotely look like Joaquin Phoenix.  Some how, Joaquin pulls off disheveled, my OS, not so much.  Come to think of it, my OS actually kind of looked like one of my techie co-workers, who also does not resemble JP but does fit the disheveled category.  He shall remain nameless and un-photographed.

Well, the dream was not directly related to the movie, no scenes from the film and thankfully, not the high-waisted pants!  Disturbing.

It really did not contain cinema, tech, or  sci-fi at all.  It was kind of just getting to know this bumbling being trying to do the ordinary tasks of life, chopping veggies, making coffee, using the remote, pumping gas, skateboarding.  What?! skateboarding?  Where did that come from?  Well, my dreams usually end with some feeling of freedom… so perhaps, in another life… I’ll be sporting a tattoo and skateboarding, or will be an OS myself – a tattooed skateboarding OS, but definitely never, will I be caught dead wearing those pants!