you may say I'm a dreamer….


Eyelashes in Ochre Light


Riding a horse through Central Park, sauntering slowly and leisurely. Letting the creative flow slowly build, no rush, relishing the freedom to explore.  I started making a mental list for all the supplies and materials I would need to create the ochre satchel I had been commissioned to design for Ralph Lauren. HA! yeah, really… in my dreams.

1. The finest subtle Italian leather in ochre I could source

2. Antique brass buckles, brads and grommets

3. Silk lining material in buttercream, and a vintage pattern for pocket interior

4. heavy-duty thread for sewing

etc. etc. etc.

I was deep in thought.  My horse dipped his head to the grass to eat a dandelion.  Golden light falling all around on green grass. The way the light caught the horse’s eyelashes was so beautiful.  My heart swelled and I felt happy to have special bond with this beast.  A cinematic moment.

But the magic, the quietude, slipped away as quickly as it came.  I looked up to see a crowd of people demonstrating in front of a movie theatre.  Hoping there was no violence to come and selfishly disappointed my train of thought had been disturbed before I could complete my supplies list.  I was on a mission to make cool stuff and I lost the flow… hoping to capture it again…just sit….and feel the light….it will come.


So while I’m at it, I’d like to make a pair of vintage cowboy boots and bicycle touring saddle too!



Dreamers Notes:

Horse eyelash found on Tumblr~ Oh To Live on A Farm

Ochre satchel – Ralph Lauren

Ochre boots – Vintage found on Pinterest

Ochre bike saddle – Brooks B17 Touring Saddle



All week-long I had long convoluted dreams that ultimately ended in a fashion decision.

Recalling them now, they seem to be retro images of me and a version of what I wore when.

HA! Perhaps a series of what Not to wear moments.

First there was the entirely Pink dream.  Work related… I am the only female in an all male office

in a mostly male dominated industry.  The boyz all wear jeans and tees…. My usual wardrobe only two steps above

them toward business attire. One day (in my dream) I burst into the office wearing hot pink from head

to toe.  A full tule skirt and short crop lace top, pink satin ballet slippers…. and the ultra accessory –

master blaster on the shoulder.  “Hi guys, ready to rock the Monday meeting?!”



Tuesday’s was a much more intense situation with a subdued solution.  I was kidnapped and forced to cook meth.

I know, Breaking Bad creeping in, even though I stopped watching seasons ago.  I plotted my escape.

Down in the basement, donned in scrubs.  I needed to find some shoes so I could make a run for it

over the gravel parking lot and jump the barbed wire fence.

I dug around in a gym bag I found under a table… stilettos, no those won’t do,

wing-tips-Fratelli-Rossettislip on flats, no thanks, but hmmmmmm.

These might work.  Practical and get the job done – wing tipped oxfords.




The 3rd dream was bright and sunny.  I think I was at a music festival or at the beach.

I felt the warmth and easy vibes all around.  Must have been over the hump day and toward TGIF.  My fashion decision ended up with a very casual Wayfarer and overalls look.

I actually did rock this look in real life… though mine was a much more Free People style than

what I could find pictured here.








Dreamer’s Notes:

Pink Thule Skirt from Lucky Pony

Blaster w/ iPhone docking from Pinterest

Winged Tipped Oxfords by Fratelli-Rossetti

RayBan Wayfarers & overalls on Alessandra Ambrosio from  WhoWhatWear

Dance of the Feather



A dog barks in the night.

“What’s up dawg?”

“Not much, same old trix.”

“Wanna go to this conference-festival thingy?”

“Yeah, lets go.”


It’s all very EST-BurningMan-ChildhoodSleepOverCamp, in the woods with lots of little cabins and small funky buildings.

My bunk house is a convoluted set up of small rooms at odd angles, and I am in the loft.  I can touch the ceiling from my sleeping pad.

Someone has scratched some words into the worn white wood planks with a nail, I traced them with my finger.

“A feather is not a Bird – The Rain is not the Sea – A stone is not a Mountain – But a River runs through Me”







We are sitting in a circle on the ground, kumbaya, campfire style. Waiting for the guru-teacher-speaker-zen master-camp director-truth teller to begin the presentation.  A person, but not a person, a spirit but not a spirit.  A feather but not a bird…

I was feeling a little anxious and I was looking for some answers.

But what exactly, is the question? Is that a knot in my stomach or an ache in my heart?



The firelight begins to flicker and fade and brighten.  The glow dissolves into candlelight.

The circle is now an elegant table setting… the scene is b&w but slightly colorized by the lighting and glint of tiaras and pearls we are all now wearing.


The guru, teacher, host is going around tapping people on the shoulder and guiding them to the dance floor.

“Hello, may I have this dance?”

Floating, swirling, twirling, I glide into wakefulness of another day.

I open my eyes to sunlight softly filtering through the window.



I am sure to find a feather today!

Dreamer’s Notes:

Girl with Feather photo from via Pinterest

Campfire from Pinterest

Grace Kelly found on Pinterest – Did I really just dream I look like Grace Kelly?!

Table setting found on the brides guide at Martha Steward Weddings

Sunlight in Window – photo by Polly Wreford from Dust Jacket on bloglovin

Feather Lyric by Rosanne Cash from The River and the Thread

Humans Quote by Beau Taplin, water born via Tumblr

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


Do you believe dreams are osmotic?

Can your own dream diffuse and flow into the dream of the person sleeping beside you?

In a way, I do believe this happens, or at least it makes for some interesting coincidences.

Oh yeah, remember when Mick Jagger was supposed to be in my dream but ended up in my Mr’s?

See, Get Off My Cloud dream.


This dream was really more of a vision.  A Margritte like door hanging in the sky.  Puffy clouds all around with white gauze curtains gently floating.  The door, a portal to heaven or to bliss. Beckoning. It was so inviting and lovely, like a painting with etherial light and just the softest breeze against my skin, the caress of silk scarves.


My Mr. does not recall his dreams that often, but coincidently, as he did with the Mick Jagger dream,

he remembered this one and told me about it in the morning.

Three of his beloved family members that have all passed on from this world appeared to him.

First his mother, from the top of the stairs, in a long white robe, “Good night son, see you in the morning.”

And then his father and his uncle.  The three of them at a science fair, museum or planetarium.

Just marveling at the cosmos and all of what is.


knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door

Dreamer’s note:

All photos via Pinterest.

Rene’ Margritte,  Hermes-Paris, Billions of Stars – National Geographic

Bette Davis Eyes



Not remembering all the details of this madcap Missoniesque romp * loud, colorful, chaotic, textural

Things I do remember…

  • Beautiful Missoniesque like knitwear.
  • I was either the designer, agent of the designer, stylist, or some other fashion industry persona, like Rachel Zoe.
  •  My friend was modeling the clothes. Über-model tall, gorgeous, all angles and grace.
  • A loud boisterous top hat wearing, cigar smoking man, reminded me of WC Fields. He was running around telling lewd jokes, lifting up models skirts, annoying the crap out of everyone. This part was in B&W while the rest was in vivid chroma-color.
  • Dressing rooms with piles and piles of clothes, a chaotic backstage to a fashion show.
  • Banging drums and the soundtrack of Adele’s, Rolling in the Deep.
  • A mascot dachshund giving the all-knowing look from the sidelines. At one moment a dog, the next, a woman in a pill box hat.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.42.59 PM

And she’ll tease you

She’ll unease you

All the better just to please you

She’s precocious and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush

She’s got Greta Garbo stand-off sighs

She’s got Bette Davis eyes ~ Kim Carnes


      ~    all photos via Pinterest  ~

Does Your OS Skateboard?


Have you seen the movie HER?  It’s one of those, that lingers, comes up in conversation and last nite, in my dream.  Sort of.


That is, I met my OS in my dream, though, not the OS of my dreams.  I most unfortunately do not possess the beauty of Scarlett Johansson and my OS did not remotely look like Joaquin Phoenix.  Some how, Joaquin pulls off disheveled, my OS, not so much.  Come to think of it, my OS actually kind of looked like one of my techie co-workers, who also does not resemble JP but does fit the disheveled category.  He shall remain nameless and un-photographed.

Well, the dream was not directly related to the movie, no scenes from the film and thankfully, not the high-waisted pants!  Disturbing.

It really did not contain cinema, tech, or  sci-fi at all.  It was kind of just getting to know this bumbling being trying to do the ordinary tasks of life, chopping veggies, making coffee, using the remote, pumping gas, skateboarding.  What?! skateboarding?  Where did that come from?  Well, my dreams usually end with some feeling of freedom… so perhaps, in another life… I’ll be sporting a tattoo and skateboarding, or will be an OS myself – a tattooed skateboarding OS, but definitely never, will I be caught dead wearing those pants!



A Prayer for a Beautiful Girl


A young sweet girl… could have been my daughter, or maybe a friend’s.  In her room, cozy, safe, surrounded by the things she loves. 

She had made some kind of prayer flag, fabric, hand painted, beaded, just beautiful.  She was wearing it for a headscarf.  

I heard faintly, the sweetest voice, singing. Like an angel… think Sarah McLachlan, “Beautiful Girl”, but a capella.

I remember a feeling of peace, but also sending out a little prayer to the universe to keep that beautiful girl safe.   

I woke before her door opened to the world of unknown hazards and danger.

I’ll keep this little song in my heart for the daughter I do not have.

beautiful girl photo found on Tumblr with no credits attached