you may say I'm a dreamer….


Eyelashes in Ochre Light


Riding a horse through Central Park, sauntering slowly and leisurely. Letting the creative flow slowly build, no rush, relishing the freedom to explore.  I started making a mental list for all the supplies and materials I would need to create the ochre satchel I had been commissioned to design for Ralph Lauren. HA! yeah, really… in my dreams.

1. The finest subtle Italian leather in ochre I could source

2. Antique brass buckles, brads and grommets

3. Silk lining material in buttercream, and a vintage pattern for pocket interior

4. heavy-duty thread for sewing

etc. etc. etc.

I was deep in thought.  My horse dipped his head to the grass to eat a dandelion.  Golden light falling all around on green grass. The way the light caught the horse’s eyelashes was so beautiful.  My heart swelled and I felt happy to have special bond with this beast.  A cinematic moment.

But the magic, the quietude, slipped away as quickly as it came.  I looked up to see a crowd of people demonstrating in front of a movie theatre.  Hoping there was no violence to come and selfishly disappointed my train of thought had been disturbed before I could complete my supplies list.  I was on a mission to make cool stuff and I lost the flow… hoping to capture it again…just sit….and feel the light….it will come.


So while I’m at it, I’d like to make a pair of vintage cowboy boots and bicycle touring saddle too!



Dreamers Notes:

Horse eyelash found on Tumblr~ Oh To Live on A Farm

Ochre satchel – Ralph Lauren

Ochre boots – Vintage found on Pinterest

Ochre bike saddle – Brooks B17 Touring Saddle



All week-long I had long convoluted dreams that ultimately ended in a fashion decision.

Recalling them now, they seem to be retro images of me and a version of what I wore when.

HA! Perhaps a series of what Not to wear moments.

First there was the entirely Pink dream.  Work related… I am the only female in an all male office

in a mostly male dominated industry.  The boyz all wear jeans and tees…. My usual wardrobe only two steps above

them toward business attire. One day (in my dream) I burst into the office wearing hot pink from head

to toe.  A full tule skirt and short crop lace top, pink satin ballet slippers…. and the ultra accessory –

master blaster on the shoulder.  “Hi guys, ready to rock the Monday meeting?!”



Tuesday’s was a much more intense situation with a subdued solution.  I was kidnapped and forced to cook meth.

I know, Breaking Bad creeping in, even though I stopped watching seasons ago.  I plotted my escape.

Down in the basement, donned in scrubs.  I needed to find some shoes so I could make a run for it

over the gravel parking lot and jump the barbed wire fence.

I dug around in a gym bag I found under a table… stilettos, no those won’t do,

wing-tips-Fratelli-Rossettislip on flats, no thanks, but hmmmmmm.

These might work.  Practical and get the job done – wing tipped oxfords.




The 3rd dream was bright and sunny.  I think I was at a music festival or at the beach.

I felt the warmth and easy vibes all around.  Must have been over the hump day and toward TGIF.  My fashion decision ended up with a very casual Wayfarer and overalls look.

I actually did rock this look in real life… though mine was a much more Free People style than

what I could find pictured here.








Dreamer’s Notes:

Pink Thule Skirt from Lucky Pony

Blaster w/ iPhone docking from Pinterest

Winged Tipped Oxfords by Fratelli-Rossetti

RayBan Wayfarers & overalls on Alessandra Ambrosio from  WhoWhatWear

Field of Dreams

floral wedding cake

We got married in a fever… a hot muggy day in a Michigan garden.  Green grass, white tent, pink, yellow, and purple flowers all around with sunflowers floating in a pool of azure.  Lush heavy air wrapped around us with the Russian Orthodox epitrachelion (stole) enfolding our wrists together.  It was so many moons ago.

The wedding re-enactment (dream version) took place in a very dry field of grass. CA drought has addled my brain and dried out all the humidity. Brown, hot, dry.  All the same people, flowing yards of silk in all the colors of the rainbow. We were set up for filming, there was a very tall directors chair and the director was a Wes Anderson look alike, though I am pretty sure Martin Scorcese was running around with a clip board shouting orders.  Presiding officiate was Opra Winfrey.  She descended from the bleachers at the far end of the baseball diamond in the corner of the field.  She floated across the field dressed in full pink, golden crown, wielding a star shape wand, just like the good witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Surrounding our little wedding party and film crew on the hot barren edges of this field, the robots circled.  They were giant metal insects the size of dinosaurs.  They could well have been transformers.  The black hot metal wings of the cicada scraped together making an extremely amplified screeching sound. The beetle had a red jewel on it’s belly. Ominously lumbering, coming closer and closer.

Chamaeleo Melleri


National Geographic

Did you know? Chameleons don’t change colors to match their surroundings.

Each species displays distinct color patterns to indicate specific reactions or emotions.


CSP-235 Chocolate Velvet – Financial or Lucky with Money


2122-70 Snow White – Promise of Success in all Concerns


778 Skylark Song – Liberation from Worry


2079-60 Pink Cherub  – Unusually Great Success


2131-10 Black Satin – Unfavorable Omen unless at a Funeral or Other Appropriate Situation

It’s so interesting to look back through an old dream journal.  Some of these I remember as if they were movies I saw a thousand times. Which makes me think about repetitive dreams. Do you have those?  I have at least two I can remember off hand and will muse about those later.  Many years ago I was going through a transition in my life involving work, family & personal growth.  I noted this dream way back then because I loved that it was truly a dream of changing colors, a chameleon moment in my life.    Remembering the hues so vividly from this dream, I used the Benjamin Moore Gallery to associate the colors I felt –  with real world paint chip visualization.  I don’t remember what dream symbolism book I had at the time but I looked up all the colors to find their meanings. These are the descriptions under each swatch.   It’s funny how they all point to great success, like a fortune cookie, except for the one.  In this chameleon dream I was working in a multi-media artist lab housed in a high tech submarine. Crayons, paper, fabric, snip snip of scissors, Edward Scizzorhands fast and furious creating I don’t know what. The contrast between the stark clean technology of the environment and the hands on creative tools of a messy kindergartner.  Wow, I see so much other symbolism with this imagery now, but I put a Statute of Limitations on my dream interpretation.  It is more about the process, of what is felt and perceived in the moment.  So many years between this dream and my head is now, the pink and blue swatches just jump off the page. My husband and I were trying to make a baby at the time. Out of touch? I didn’t even associate that major life factor as part of the palette in my journal.  Anyway, we were not successful with that endeavor, perhaps that is the represented black –  always, the shadow, darkness, doubt, lurking somewhere.  Oh, but I have been  lucky and successful in so many ways.  I am grateful for the chocolate, velvet, blue sky, song birds, cherubs, peonies and the pure beauty of fresh driven snow.  Life goes on, love and loss and the ever changing colors of the chameleon reflect my emotions in wakefulness, mindfulness and in sleep.