you may say I'm a dreamer….


Open At Night


It’s a sign!

Last night I dreamed that I was painting very large billboards.

Am I the message or the messenger?

Mostly, my billboards contained inspirational sayings, ala

“Just Do It”,

“Arise Shine & Sparkle”,

“Do Something Epic”

I have to say, despite my fear of heights, I was having a bit of fun creating these over scale words of wisdom.



A very uplifting dream ~ “I’m Lovin’ It”



Dreamer’s Note:

All photos found via Pinterest, Wix, or Quora


Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


Do you believe dreams are osmotic?

Can your own dream diffuse and flow into the dream of the person sleeping beside you?

In a way, I do believe this happens, or at least it makes for some interesting coincidences.

Oh yeah, remember when Mick Jagger was supposed to be in my dream but ended up in my Mr’s?

See, Get Off My Cloud dream.


This dream was really more of a vision.  A Margritte like door hanging in the sky.  Puffy clouds all around with white gauze curtains gently floating.  The door, a portal to heaven or to bliss. Beckoning. It was so inviting and lovely, like a painting with etherial light and just the softest breeze against my skin, the caress of silk scarves.


My Mr. does not recall his dreams that often, but coincidently, as he did with the Mick Jagger dream,

he remembered this one and told me about it in the morning.

Three of his beloved family members that have all passed on from this world appeared to him.

First his mother, from the top of the stairs, in a long white robe, “Good night son, see you in the morning.”

And then his father and his uncle.  The three of them at a science fair, museum or planetarium.

Just marveling at the cosmos and all of what is.


knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door

Dreamer’s note:

All photos via Pinterest.

Rene’ Margritte,  Hermes-Paris, Billions of Stars – National Geographic