you may say I'm a dreamer….

If Pigs Could Fly, I’d Grow Angel Wings



It was a Gatsby(esque) party.  Glam & glitter all around.  It seemed to be the 1920s, though it could have been just really good costumes.   I was talking with my sister, she asked, “Would you ever get a tattoo?”

My reply, “Hell no!  You know me, I would never, ever get a tattoo because I would never be able to decide on a design.  I am too fickle, I would be tired of it too soon.  I would want to design my own but never be able to make it perfect enough, la la la la di da, blah blah blah.”

We giggle and toasted to never get tattoos…..             or get tattoos only, and only,             IF PIGS COULD FLY.

Which gave me the idea….  to grow a set of wings and get a tattoo.


… and YES, it is still within the dream because I love dreaming of flying!

Angel wings


2 responses

  1. What a beautiful dream, and post, and idea . . . maybe you will just get that tattoo after all. Follow your heart, love. And thank you for sharing your dreams. The angel wing tattoo is amazing ~ we’ve all got them 🙂

    March 30, 2014 at 5:25 pm

  2. Thanks longandluxe. A friend, I never suspected as a candidate for a tattoo just got one… and I love it, mostly because it suits her so very well.
    If the wings fit, wear them!

    March 31, 2014 at 5:04 pm

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