you may say I'm a dreamer….

The Bus Came by and I Got On…

Infant Stars Nebula - Hubble Space Telescope

Infant Stars Nebula – Hubble Space Telescope

You know how you have dreams that are from just a snippet of a conversation or something you saw during the day?  I was talking with a friend about my dreamiliscious dream journal blog and it became the actual format for of my dream.  Dark vastness, yet contained. Maneuverable, yet unbridled.  A dashboard of sorts, arrows and graphs that look like star charts.

Click on a button, a video plays:

Set * Darkness, black night, little or no moonlight in retina clarity, film noir mood

Character * A medium to tall, leggy young woman (not me but me, how it is in dreams)

Scene * Standing on the curb of the lonely dark street, pulling a trench close around to block the wind.

Action  * A bus came by and I got on (ha, ha, gotta laugh at the reference to the Grateful Dead lyric)

The low growl of the engine, a squeaky seat, the speed escalating…. until…..LIFT OFF….

The bus rockets beyond our atmosphere into the vast Cosmos. (btw, if you are not watching the show, you might want to, it’s pretty great)

Where will we land?  Will we fall into the vast ocean?  Will this rocket bus never be seen again?

It’s a mystery like flight MH370.  (Prayers for all the passengers & their families)

Yet it is only a dream and so there is conclusion though there is no beginning or end, only stars in the darkness of my mind.

Noir Photo by Wylie Maerckelein.html

Noir Photo by Wylie Maerckelein.html

This photo was found by searching the vast Internet.  I love the light, her look, and it was shot in my home town of San Francisco.  I found this on flikr but you can visit photographer’s site directly.


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