you may say I'm a dreamer….

Organ Transplants and Vanilla Cotton Candy


I don’t know why I have been having sci-fi dreams.  I haven’t been reading sci-fi books or watching sci-fi movies.

A very large sterile facility (hmmm  a similar place showed up in a dream I had years ago)  All stainless steel, completely clean, some gleaming tables, white light, low hum and the distinct scent of vanilla with a hint of cotton candy.  I can’t be sure but the scent was sooooo pleasant, so sooooothing, sooooo sublime, I’m sure there was something else mixed in… some kind of oxy-aroma to bring on a sense of calm, relaxation and possible a ‘false’ sense of peace and well -being….  before…. the ‘procedure’.

I woke up before the ‘procedure’.  I am very happy to have all my organs still in tact as I am pretty sure the facility was a huge harvesting plant for kidneys, livers, hearts, you name it.  But no elevated heart rates, nary a drop of blood, no screams, no anxiety, only clean sterile stillness and that beautiful scent of vanilla cotton candy.

thank you for photo

thank you AromaSys for scent


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