you may say I'm a dreamer….

Chamaeleo Melleri


National Geographic

Did you know? Chameleons don’t change colors to match their surroundings.

Each species displays distinct color patterns to indicate specific reactions or emotions.


CSP-235 Chocolate Velvet – Financial or Lucky with Money


2122-70 Snow White – Promise of Success in all Concerns


778 Skylark Song – Liberation from Worry


2079-60 Pink Cherub  – Unusually Great Success


2131-10 Black Satin – Unfavorable Omen unless at a Funeral or Other Appropriate Situation

It’s so interesting to look back through an old dream journal.  Some of these I remember as if they were movies I saw a thousand times. Which makes me think about repetitive dreams. Do you have those?  I have at least two I can remember off hand and will muse about those later.  Many years ago I was going through a transition in my life involving work, family & personal growth.  I noted this dream way back then because I loved that it was truly a dream of changing colors, a chameleon moment in my life.    Remembering the hues so vividly from this dream, I used the Benjamin Moore Gallery to associate the colors I felt –  with real world paint chip visualization.  I don’t remember what dream symbolism book I had at the time but I looked up all the colors to find their meanings. These are the descriptions under each swatch.   It’s funny how they all point to great success, like a fortune cookie, except for the one.  In this chameleon dream I was working in a multi-media artist lab housed in a high tech submarine. Crayons, paper, fabric, snip snip of scissors, Edward Scizzorhands fast and furious creating I don’t know what. The contrast between the stark clean technology of the environment and the hands on creative tools of a messy kindergartner.  Wow, I see so much other symbolism with this imagery now, but I put a Statute of Limitations on my dream interpretation.  It is more about the process, of what is felt and perceived in the moment.  So many years between this dream and my head is now, the pink and blue swatches just jump off the page. My husband and I were trying to make a baby at the time. Out of touch? I didn’t even associate that major life factor as part of the palette in my journal.  Anyway, we were not successful with that endeavor, perhaps that is the represented black –  always, the shadow, darkness, doubt, lurking somewhere.  Oh, but I have been  lucky and successful in so many ways.  I am grateful for the chocolate, velvet, blue sky, song birds, cherubs, peonies and the pure beauty of fresh driven snow.  Life goes on, love and loss and the ever changing colors of the chameleon reflect my emotions in wakefulness, mindfulness and in sleep.



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  1. Wow fascinating! The pink jumps out for me. I always liked the color but not on me, per se. Lately though I’m drawn to it. Amazing what dreams and colors “say” if we listen!

    February 24, 2014 at 3:52 pm

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