you may say I'm a dreamer….

ice crystal passage by puma

I had an anime dream last week.  Of course it starred my CAT!  Well a version of my cat.  My cat is black, svelte, silky, muscular, a gorgeous creature to be sure.

It was all ala…. Chronicles of Narnia



Chronicles of Narnia, french movie poster found at

In the dream, I can only remember one scene.  I had to pass from one world to the next over a dangerous glacial ice crevice.  It was all midnight blue skies, wind swirling ice crystals, snow and ice sparkling jagged peaks.  My cat became a hybrid creature…. part puma, glowing green gold eyes, part horse with long legs carrying me swiftly, galloping over ice and snow.

I do not remember the destination, only the journey.   Thanks for the ride dear kitty cat!



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