you may say I'm a dreamer….

hey hey, you you, get onto my mushroom cloud?

So as I lay my head upon my pillow, my soft fluffy cloud of down, I continue to wait for Mick Jagger to show up in my dream.  (See yesterday’s post Get off my cloud)

I must have visualized a cloud, set an intention for Mick to sit upon and visit.  Mixed in with the holiday prep. for NYE and the hype of 2012 doomsayers…..  I think I just musta, I musta got lost! (see J Geils lyrics).  The cloud that exploded into my dream was a full on Nagasaki atomic bomb!  and poof the dream was over.  Now awake, the minutia of the day, my work, my life floating all around me like goose down feathers, slowing sinking back down to earth.

I appreciate that this dream was in black and white and without soundtrack.  Just a silent cloud explosion ending in nothing but feathers and

no Mick in sight.

Mushroom Cloud photo from Wikipedia,


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