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Get off my cloud

I am waiting for Mick Jagger to show up in a dream.  I wish I had a dream about Mick Jagger.  But alas, he showed up one pillow over in my husband’s dream.  I asked my hubby what the dream was about, but he couldn’t remember.  Mick, you need to get off of his cloud and onto mine.

Mick Jagger, 1966 Photograph by Gered Mankowitz @ Bowstir LTD 2011

hey hey you you...


I actually don’t really care if Mick Jagger shows up in my dream or not.  I have plenty of celebrity encounters in dreams. It’s not about the WHO in a dream, it’s not even about the WHAT.  I find it’s mostly about the HOW did it make me feel?  HOW was it illustrated?  I love the cinematic, b&w dream, the super styled Vogue photo shoot worthy dream, the avant guard HOW would you even begin to illustrate that dream?

I do wish to incorporate more visuals into my writing about my dreams.  I have not yet thought of an quick and easy way to pull the images from my head and into WordPress.  There needs to be a downloadable chip from ear or eye to computer port or an invisible string on a reel from the tangle of brain to the organized chip.  For now, it’s a photo grab from some random place (acknowledged and linked of course), perhaps from my archives or from the web in general.  I rather enjoy that though, the synergy of found art with memory unearthed from the density of grey inside the brain.

This is my New Year resolution:  More visuals to illustrate more dreams, perhaps with accompanied soundtrack…. cue Rolling Stones “Get off My Cloud”

Dream until your dreams come true!

Photo: found on Huffington Post website : Mick Jagger 1966 by Gered Mankowitz  


3 responses

  1. I envy you those dreams, even without Mick Jagged. I could do with a few celebrities in mine, but I don’t even remember them much of the time….

    I’m sure WP will get a chip-and-adhesive-electrode set sorted out soon. Their techs do seem to be on the ball.

    Good luck with that 🙂

    December 27, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    • thanks for liking the post. I lied. I really do care if Mick Jagger shows up in a dream. I’m right here with my eyes closed, waiting on a fluffy pillow of dream weavers.
      WP, can’t wait for the technology to synthesize the dream cinema to blog heaven.

      December 28, 2011 at 4:10 am

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