you may say I'm a dreamer….

good vibrations

Just waking up, a little more groggy than usual. Probably because it’s Saturday and I slept a little later than I do during the week.  Having time to wake in early dawn and gently glide back to sleep, confident no bells will be jangling me awake momentarily.

Oversleeping can lead to some dreaming….  or maybe it is what is called a pizza dream…  well, I had two of these.

The first was so disgusting I just don’t want to even think about it.  It involved being eaten alive by snails.  It wasn’t painful, but graphically horrendous to see my flesh being ripped open, my muscles being gobbled through flesh, tendons and down to bone.

The second dream is the one that I really felt with my entire being.  I was at some kind of event, conference, music show, I’m not sure.  I was feeling a bit of anxiety.  I was searching the stage to find Marshall Crenshaw who was scheduled to perform.  I knew the familiar vocal would soothe my nerves and calm me down.  I couldn’t find him or any beacon of calm in the chaos of the space.  As my heart started racing my knees buckled and I began to fall.

Next thing I know, an EMT, a guru or soothsayer was behind me cradling me gently, speaking so softly it was more of a vibration of a guitar string or a hummingbird wing.  Gently calming me, massaging my head and neck and down my back. I was enveloped in warm and calm a resonance of calm thru every nerve.  I heard a whisper.  It said,  “You must run, make each step deliberate and strong, run everyday this week, step into it with your heart…. and then, when you are strong, pack a bag and go home.  You will know what you are there for.”

Then I heard a door slam and I awoke.  I have many ideas what this dream means to me.  I just love the physicality.  Was it my own self comforting myself in slumber or had my husband rolled over to spoon?  I am not running as my knees will not allow but I am stepping deliberately today, into a weekend of many activities and encounters with friends.  I am calm and happy.


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  1. Loving your groove!!! So glad you found my blog and I’m happily following yours 😉 sending you good vibes!

    February 20, 2014 at 6:13 pm

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