you may say I'm a dreamer….

medicine bottle

…..  I was working late into the nite. Posts upon posts of bugs reported in the system (think the movie Brazil)….  So many problems, brain teasers, mind benders I could not wrap my head around it.  I tried to stay rational, intelligent, solving one little issue at a time. Ah!  a success! Only to have 10 more problems appear on my TO FIX list.  What am I going to do?????!!!!  How am I going to fix all this, make technology seemless, effortless, function with ease and grace.  Stomp out another hiccup, fast!  This was just a titch exhilarating, like a video game, but mostly sooooooo frustrating , overwhelming, consuming, worrysome to say the least.

…….I remember this one post amongst all the techno dribble…. It was a plea from a fading heartbeat…. something human within the bits and bites of binary digits, a faint beating of lub dub, reggae strum, beat of a drum.  I remember looking to the left of my glowing computer screen at a large messy pile of paper. Doctor scrawl, almost illegible on every page, as I scanned and tossed, each gently floating to the floor like scattered leaves.

…. At the bottom of the pile was this bottle of pills…. some kind of life essence…. a blood pressure, mood enhancer, energy giving, gingko extract, magic formula for all that ails…..

Prescription for all that ails in the machine and the anti-machine.


One response

  1. Love this: bits and bites of binary digits, a faint beating of lub dub,… love the way you use words, and the rhytmn of the writing. So cool!

    July 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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