you may say I'm a dreamer….

7 Little Indians

One little, two little, three little, four little indians, five little, six little seven little indians.  I found this little snippet from a larger painting I made some time ago.  It was based on a dream about my mom and how much she loved her seven children.  In the dream, there was some turmoil in my mother’s heart.  Though she loved her children so very much and was always there for them; she felt tethered and weighted down.  The dream and the painting shows seaweed wrapped around my mother’s leg.  She is wearing a 1940s style red shoe (representing a more sophisticated world).  I am sure this dream had A LOT to do with my own torment push me pull you desire to have children.  I could feel the love and desire to nurture these seven little relentlessly needy beings.  Always noisy, hungry, wanting, demanding, crying for mama.  I could feel the tangle on my leg, pulling me under the water. Do I get pulled to the bottom and drown or float free?  Missing my mom so much,  Thinking about my siblings and wanting to gather the tribe to laugh and cry and remember our mother who loved us so well.


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